Heatproof Products

Label Specifications

Face MaterialWhite polyesterWhite HP coatingWhite HP Smudge-Proof coatingWhite HP coatingWhite HP coatingWhite HP coating
Ink RibbonTT Ribbon PETTT Ribbon YS 540TT Ribbon YS 350TT Ribbon YS 540TT Ribbon YS 540TT Ribbon YS 540
Heat Resistance200C600C600C600C815C1000C
CharacteristicsStrong, durable adhesive and excellent outdoor weather resistanceDesigned to survive aluminum homogenizing and annealing processesIdeal for hot direct applications such as high temperature ingot and steel coilHot direct application including aluminum sow or steel billetUltra high heat resistance for application on steel slab or bloomThermal transfer printable barcode tag with highest heat resistance and durability
* Heat resistance may differ depending on heat process conditions. Label testing is recommended.

Heat Resistance Index