About Heatproof

Poorly identified metal leads to costly, time consuming corrective procedures

Mixed batch numbers
Wrong identification
Liability issues
Customer requires improved product ID
Lost inventory Inventory tracking problems
Reading and writing errors

The Heatproof total barcoding solution for applications up to 1000C

High Temperature Product Identification
Revolutionary HEATPROOF labels are designed to withstand harsh environments including extreme temperatures, chemical exposure and outdoor weather conditions.

Inventory Control Systems
Guidance provided in choosing inventory management software, hardware and barcoding solutions.

Customised Label Applicators
RP and SD series are fully automated systems designed to apply variable product identification and barcoding directly to hot metals. MC and MS series applicators are designed for manual application.

ELIMINATE reading and writing errors
IMPROVE safety
IMPROVE productivity
IMPROVE inventory management
ELIMINATE shipping errors
REDUCE the cost of lost metal

Automatically track work in progress via barcode identification
Eliminate the requirement to identify after cooling
Eliminate human mistakes and improve safety
Track and manage materials throughout the supply chain
Unique heat activated adhesives
Suitable for outdoor storage and transportation
Can be applied with manual or automatic applicators

Site Test and Customer Service
On-site technical evaluation plan
Design and Install automatic applicator
On-going support and maintenance programmes offered

Manual Marking


Manual Application

Automatic Application