Heatproof Aluminium Applications

Aluminium Products
Sows & Pigs
Coils (Hot & Cold)
Billets (Homogenising)
Other Aluminium Reheating Processes

Annealing and homogenising
Barcode tracking label will withstand the rigors of annealing processes although some issues yet to be resolved including solvents on coil, unpredictable application temperatures
Label will survive homogenising at temperatures up to 600C for 24 hours

Homogensing Process
Barcode tracking label will withstand the rigors of homogenising processes
HP300/HP350 label material and printed barcode image will survive temperatures up to 600C for several hours
Eliminate possibility of mixed alloys and mixed drops in continuous or batch homogenising systems
Automated application systems eliminate human intervention

Label Considerations
Large label can include both bar code and text to enable long range scanning and man readable
Optimum barcode size - code 128 - 3 of 9 and 2 of 5 enable larger, wider spaced bars allows for easier scanning on uneven surfaces
Manual or auto applied
Printed on demand or pre-printed
Uniform adhesion, squarely applied and durable
Scannable and readable immediately and in the future

Dependable Aluminium identification offering full technical support
Evaluate conditions and design label
Manufacture of applicator
Applicator system installation
Engineering and technical support
Communication, programming support
Label and printer ribbon support

Billet identification

Labels after continuous homogenising

Billet identification for batch

Ingot pulled from the homogenising
furnace after 26 hours at 600C